Preserve the natural beauty of Kolob Mountain, in Virgin, Utah, for future generations.

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We are property owners, families, local residents, and visitors of Kolob Mountain who are interested in maintaining the natural beauty of this area and its environs, located directly above upper Zion National Park, for future generations.

The scope of the current plans proposed by the private developer, Zions Gate Management Co. to create camping facilities for up to 3,500-5,000 new campers--who will use this area daily during the spring, summer and fall seasons, and which is currently without infrastructure or services--will forever change and degrade the beauty of this area. These plans also pose a danger to wildlife and greatly increase the chances of fires ravaging the area because campers will be lighting fires nightly, by the hundreds, throughout the dry summer and fall seasons. These nightly fires will also cause massive smoke pollution each and every night.

The developer's plans need to be scaled back or eliminated where possible. While we know that hoping for zero commercial development is probably not realistic, the impact on the environment and private property owners must be carefully weighed and taken into consideration, and not allow developers to shift the cost of infrastructure and services to taxpayers, while the developers reap all the financial benefits.

We care about the future of this area, its flora, fauna, and its beauty. Do not act in haste, take the time needed to consider all options until all reasonable concerns are properly addressed. Please act to preserve the integrity of Kolob Mountain as much as possible!