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WE SUPPORT A REASONABLE DEVELOPMENT PLAN FOR THE MAYBELL/CLEMO PROPERTY IN PALO ALTO. In November 2013, our neighborhood sent a clear signal about reasonable development on the Maybell/Clemo property by defeating Measure D. The passage of Measure D would have given a developer permission to build a 60 high-density apartment complex in addition to 15 single-family homes for a total of 75 housing units at 567-595 Maybell Avenue (later reduced to 12 homes for 72 total housing units). Maybell is a city-designed "Bicycle Boulevard" with higher protections and a school district-supported "Safe Route to School" - but neighbors here daily witness "near-miss" accidents as hundreds of children and teenagers on bikes share space on Maybell, a narrow road with high volumes of automobile and commercial traffic as people rush to get to school and work in the mornings. The residents of Palo Alto were gravely concerned about irresponsible high-density development in a small neighborhood that already encompasses several schools and after-school care programs: Juana Briones Elementary, Juana Briones Orthopedically Handicapped Center, Barron Park Elementary, Terman Middle School, Gunn High School, Barron Park Child-Care Center, Juana Briones Kids Club, in addition to two preschools and a K-8 private school. After countless hours of hearings and meetings, the City did not listen to community concerns, compelling a city-wide referendum vote - the result of which was a resounding NO on the proposed high-density development in 2013. Now it's time for the community to take action again. The current owner and developer of the property, Golden Gate Homes (GGH), originally proposed building 30 homes on the property. However, after working collaboratively with neighborhood residents through community outreach and meetings, GGH has ultimately decided to reduce housing density to 16 single family homes. This is a significant accommodation, and represents close to an 80% density reduction from 72 housing units if Measure D had passed to a REASONABLE & RESPONSIBLE 16 homes for a school-dense area filled with families.  GGH has also proposed plans to ensure that each home complies with R-1 parking code requirements with driveways for additional parking, in order to curb any overflow parking on adjacent streets, retention of existing heritage Oak trees on Clemo, R-1 lot sizes, and an installation of a sidewalk on the Maybell property line to improve pedestrian safety.  I SUPPORT GGH'S 16-HOME CIRCULATION PLAN FOR THE MAYBELL/CLEMO PROPERTY (567-595 Maybell Avenue) WHICH EASES TRAFFIC AND SAFETY CONCERNS FOR OUR SCHOOL-AND-FAMILY-POPULATED NEIGHBORHOOD. I DO NOT SUPPORT A CHANGE IN CIRCULATION WHICH WOULD RESULT IN HIGHER-DENSITY HOUSING AND CONSEQUENT NEGATIVE TRAFFIC AND SAFETY IMPACTS. *This petition is NOT an endorsement or representation of the quality of GGH's developments, ONLY for the proposed lower-density plan which GGH created in collaboration and cooperation with neighboring residents.   **There will be a Community Meeting on Thursday, April 14 at 6:30pm at Gunn High School Library to discuss the Maybell-Clemo project among neighborhood residents, the developer, and the City of Palo Alto. You can also show your SUPPORT by attending this meeting. 

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