Placerville: remove "Old Hangtown" from our welcome sign.

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The City of Placerville is notorious for its name, "Old Hangtown". This moniker glorifies and celebrates a violent and racist history. Its the first thing you see when you enter downtown Placerville, the City displays a large "Welcome to Placerville, Old Hangtown" sign. The City of Placerville must be held accountable for the message it is sending out. Placerville is a predominantly white community, however more POC are moving in. Due to the recent murder of George Floyd, leading to prolific peaceful protests, Placerville needs to be progressive in making our community safe and comfortable for POC. Everyone is welcome here. Lets not pretend to be tone deaf. The name "Hangtown" is threatening, outdated, and offensive, and suggests that racial hate crimes are acceptable. It needs to come down because it symbolizes a broken system that is failing to keep POC alive. Due to our countries violent history against POC, this sign could be triggering for anyone but especially for victims of hate crimes. We must hold compassion for those who are grieving. We need to respect POC in our community, and throughout the United States, and remove this horrendous sign. Now is the time for change. We are stronger together, and together we can begin to dismantle a system that is destroying lives and tearing families apart. Yes, Placerville is a historical town and many hold on to the name "Hangtown" but change is inevitable and the revolution is now. If we want to make progress, we need to begin in our own hearts, and in our own backyards.