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Please Save Historic DeWitt Theater Educational Performing and Cultural Arts Center from becoming a parking lot


The historic DeWitt Theater located in Auburn, California is slated to be demolished and replaced with a Costco parking lot (Theater footprint = 42 overflow parking spaces) in a proposed site plan by Costco, Inc

DeWitt Theater (home of Music and More Arts Academy & Music and More Performing and Visual Arts, Inc.) is a ‘critical’ part of the history, culture, music and performing arts, serving the citizens of at least eight counties in Northern California.

Dewitt Theater | Background

"Initially, the DeWitt General Hospital was built by the U.S. Army to provide medical services to casualties from World War II. The facility served in this capacity from 1943 until the end of 1945. In addition, during this time the DeWitt complex housed about 200 German prisoners of war. After the end of the war, the complex was turned over to the State and began operations as a State Hospital in 1947."

The DeWitt "Post" Theater resides on a portion of this historic Bell land and was part of the World War II hospital complex. The theater enjoyed important entertainment services provided by the USO to the wounded soldiers flown into Sacramento from the wars in Europe and the Pacific.  Wounded soldiers were able to run their wheelchairs down the connected hallways from the medical wards directly into the theater to see live entertainment as well as movies. Notable Hollywood actors such as Bob Hope, and Dorothy Lamour have performed on the stage at DeWitt Theater.

Music and More Arts Academy was developed by Kay Coder in 1983 to create music/arts classes (Miniature Musicians) for young children. As the children progressed, new classes and private music lessons were added. Other teachers joined the staff and Music and More Arts Academy quickly evolved into an integrated arts school offering vocal, instrumental, acting, dance and live theater for all ages.  In the 1990's, a community theater program was developed.

Over the last 30+ years, Music and More Arts Academy @musicandmore has taught over 10,000 students, produced over 400 children and community theater plays and musicals, culminating in several thousand performances.

Music and More Performing and Visual Arts (MMPVA) was developed in the year 2000, as a non-profit benefit corporation for public and charitable purposes. The mission of MMPVA, Inc. is to support, encourage and promote quality performing arts programs and performances, which will educate participants, audiences and provide opportunities for community, youth, adults and senior citizens to enjoy quality arts performances. The historic DeWitt Theater (home of Music and More Arts Academy & MMPVA) is a 'critical' part of the history, culture, music and performing arts, serving the people of Northern California.

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