Stop the Homeless Shelter in Rocklin, Lincoln & Roseville CA

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The Placer County Board of Supervisors along with Homeless advocates want to put a large shelter into our community. The shelter would include food trucks serving homeless from all over Northern California creating a haven for the homeless within the small communities of Rocklin, Lincoln and Roseville CA.  It is already a major problem in Auburn CA, the Northern part of the county.   The homeless have taken over the streets, businesses, parks and public buildings.  Public intoxication, a major increase in crime, public drug use and homeless camps have taken over the Auburn area.  The Supervisors and Homeless Advocates would like to move to a new facility within the Rocklin, Lincoln and Roseville area to help down on their luck local citizens.  However we know this will pull in Homeless from all over Northern California and recreate the problem the county allowed to happen in Auburn.  This petition is to allow the Supervisors to know that the citizens they represent will not allow them to move a problem in one area of the county to our community.  The proposed site is at 4242 Cincinnati Ave in Rocklin.