Place mandatory education on institutional racism & how to prevent it in Schools across US

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Racism is everywhere. Everyone needs to be educated about this and the direct way is through school. When children are young they need to be taught as early as possible. Racism is not born it is taught and we need to make sure that racism is not being taught anymore. Implementing education on institutional racism and anti-racism is crucial. On behalf of students, parents, and the higher cause we are requesting that school across US implement required education on institutional racism and anti-racism into the school curriculum. This is the first step, to reach out to local schools. Then we will reach out to as many more schools across US as possible. Here are some of the topics that should be included in this required education:

-Police brutality
-the Tulsa Massacre
-Racial injustice
-13th amendment
-Racist drug laws
-Killings of non-white people by police
-Mass incarceration
-White supremacy 
-White privilege 
-Racism as ideologies 
The reason why we have started this petition is to help stop racial discrimination and help advocate for racial equality. It is important to raise awareness about white privilege through education. Children right now are the future of this world and it is extremely important that they are aware and educated on these issues. Systemic racism must be rid by systematic education against racism.