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To remove loose peanuts & nuts from their menu

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As a mother of a child with life threatening peanut and nut allergies I am extremely disappointed to see you have included the sale of loose peanuts and nuts within your restaurant chain. Pizza Express as we know has never been a nut free restaurant but it was seen as a good safe place to eat. Educated staff and the few nut menu choices you had being stored and served separately meant we could always eat their safe in the knowledge risks were minimal. Unfortunately by serving bowls of loose peanuts you put the life of my child and thousands of others at risk. Peanut protein can cause severe reactions, asthma and anaphylaxis leading to death. There are many documented cases of people reacting to inhaling peanut dust and my own child has had two major reactions just from sitting opposite someone eating peanut butter. Peanut residue will contaminate kitchen work surfaces, dining tables, floors and restrooms. Please for the sake of the 1 in 50 people with peanut allergies reconsider your decision. Also in the short term please make sure you announce your changes loudly and clearly throughout your restaurants and in the entrance to the restaurant that loose nuts & peanuts are now served. Thankyou.

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