Remove Cycle Carrying Charges in Railways.

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Cycling is good for health and for environment too.

People should be encouraged to cycle whenever and where ever possible.

I request our Indian Railway Minister Mr. Piyush Goel and respective bureaucrats to remove

Cycling is beneficial for People and our Country for:

1)      People will cycle more and will have good health.

2)      People will carry cycle everywhere and make use of it.

3)      It will result into less traffic.

4)      Less consumption of FUEL leading to less import of crude Oil.

5)      Rupee will become stronger against US$ as less will be spend.

6)      Less Imported Auto parts will be imported so less buying of US$.

7)      Average Indian life will increase as people will avoid certain disease and         ailments due to Cycling.

8)      Less Air Pollution.

9)      Less honking so Noise Pollution.

10)    Due to less traffic people will reach their destination faster.

11)   Due to proper blood flow people’s working efficiency will increase.

I sign this petition and request government to either remove Rs. 200 Cycle carrying charges in Railways or make it to Rs. 20 within distance of 50 km or let cycle carrying charges be calculated as per train ticket charges which is as per distance being traveled.

Thank You in ADVANCE!