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Ease Traffic with Electric trains plying every 10 mins in Whitefield

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Dear Sirs,

The plight of commuters in Bangalore, especially from the city to Whitefield, and return is horrible to say the least. The traffic from Whitefield to Byappanahalli Metro station is a commute of 2 to 4 hours during peak hours. 

The following events/conditions have worsened the traffic condition:

1. On-going work to extend the Metro connectivity to Whitefield. This work was started earlier this year and has occupied two lanes of the road. For now, it is only a menace as it will take years for completion. Please refer:

2. White-topping of the intermediate ring road (the road which was in good shape) has made commuters to use the service lane. This is done not in phases but the entire stretch is being white-topped. It started off with one side and the opposite side is also being white-topped. Please refer:

3. The Metro from Byappanahalli is so small, it cannot handle the commuter traffic. It is very very congested for people to leave their cars and use the Metro. Please refer

4. There is no last mile connectivity from the Metro to the IT parks in Whitefield. Buses are not point-to-point from Byappanahalli to ITPL, Byapanahalli to SAP Labs, Byapanahalli to Cap Gemini, etc. The buses go in a circuitous route to reach these IT hubs and takes much longer to reach. This dissuades commuters from using public transport. 

5. There are 2 trains from Hoodi Jn to Byapanahalli Metro at 4:00 PM and 4:30 PM, invariably the 4 PM train doesn't arrive on time and the 4:30 train gets jam packed

6. There is no water in the huge apartment complexes in the IT hubs (Whitefield, Electronicity, etc) People are dependent on Water tankers to fulfill their need. These tankers rule the road and drive anywhere and anytime it pleases them, adding to the menace of the commuters.

Solution required:

1. We need an exclusive electrical Railway line from KSR to Whitefield station which will ply every 10 to 15 minutes. It takes an average of 20 minutes to commute to from KSR to Whitefield, as against 4 hours by road.

2. We need Metro/railway feeder buses to each IT park/ organization exclusively with more than 2000 employees

3. Increase the number of coaches in the current metro significantly to accommodate more people

4. Speedup the metro line construction to Whitefield to complete it within a year

5. Demolish all unscientific road bumps and maintain pothole free roads

6. Work on roads in phases to minimize the trouble to the commuters

7. Fix non-peak hours for lorries, water tankers to avoid furthering congestion

8. Ban sale of newer cars/ discourage use of cars and bikes by increasing public transport 10 times.

Please make Bangalore livable for citizens who honestly pay their taxes. Yes, the IT crowd deserves better life and IT hubs deserve better infrastructure. After all the hard work and honest voting, all we take home is a bag of frustration. Do not expect innovation from us when commuting in the city is a nightmare. Our families are suffering due to poor quality of life. We live with pollution day in and day out, we reach home when our children are already in bed and leave before they are up. We deserve better personal lives. We are glued to our phones during our commute because it is frustrating to look outside the window. The cabs don't attend to our bookings because, they also dread driving through the traffic. Money can't even buy us a ride back home, and even if it does, we have to pay 2 to 5 times the price. We deserve better value for our money. Please take our petition seriously, this is a clarion call for the government to press into action!

Thank you,

Priya Barath Bhaaradwaj


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