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Release #LoveHacks Book 3 on Choices!

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Can you imagine how it would’ve felt if Friends had ended after only 2 seasons? Super fans would agree that it would’ve felt incomplete and a sense that so much of the story was missing. Luckily, they continued on for 10 seasons and made the ending feel very comfortable and complete. There was a clear picture of where things were going. 

However, that was not the case with the Friends like story on Pixelberry Studios’ Choices, “#LoveHacks”. #LoveHacks is centrally focused on our heroine Dani (or if you’re like me, you named her after yourself). It’s a story about our heroine and her group of friends living in San Fransicso and their tales of love, friendship, and life (sound like the Cali version of Friends to you?). Throughout the series, we see our heroine go on awkward dates, take a stand for herself, and go on to make a career for herself and unforgettable relationships. At the end of Book 2, we were faced with the series finale in which the writers made a rushed ending that left so many questions in the air. Our heroine chooses her relationship and her friends futures are still questionable. Does Dani get married? Do Brooke and Keo have kids? Does Sereena finally find love? Whst happens to Horatio and the Double Tap? Do Mark and Isaac finally patch things up and have a good brotherly relationship? These questions and so many more are the questions that fans of the book need, which is why I’m proposing that the authors write one more book to tie the loose ends up. 

The great thing about Choices is that you get to live vicariously through your characters. Imagine a different life that you never thought you could. The stories are inspiring and make you want to enjoy your own life more. #LoveHacks has been the most relatable book released, especially for 20 something’s. It has made us laugh and cry and say “OMG that’s so me!” and I think it’s important to know how the characters we became attached to end up. We do become attached to these characters in making choices for them and getting to know them. We, the fans, deserve to see how they end up. It’s a game that we put time (and money!) into and we deserve one final book to give us a better ending to see how our beloved characters end up. 

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