Mark Maddens rights/privileges revoked due to his hateful nature.

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Mark Madden of the Pittsburgh radio station 105.9 the x fm has been a toxic element of sports media in Pittsburgh. He attacks his fans by bullying them and attacking their appearance, education level and slanders their names on a social media platform that reaches hundreds of thousands of people. His recent antics, were a tweet he made (January 6th 2020) calling all Pittsburgh Penguins fans "Yinzer losers." He publically shames people online to fuel his narcissistic ways. He is abusive and down right disgusting. He encourages his "followers" to be nasty and help him in bullying others. This has to stop. He has to stop. And the Pittsburgh Penguins need to revoke Maddens media pass. He has no place in an organization that calls the very fans of said organization, fat losers. In todays day, we need to have healthy people in positions such as MMs. Not only to educate others but to build people up, rather then rip them apart. 

This is a petition to challenge the Penguins organization to rid Mark Madden from having any ties to them. The fans that sign this, have had enough. 

Cant have the beautiful image and influence that Mr Rogers had on this city ruined by a toxic bully. 

We are better than that. And hopefully, so is the entire Pittsburgh Penguins organization. 

I encourage all Penguins fans to sign