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Wait until the new school board is sworn in to vote on important issues facing our schools.

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We the undersigned call on the Pittsburgh School Board to delay action on several agenda items scheduled for the November board meeting until the newly elected members of the Board can be sworn in and can weigh-in on these important issues at the next meeting just three weeks later. This newly elected board represents the largest board turnover in over two decades, and the new board, duly elected by Pittsburgh voters, should have its say in these important issues. We are parents, teachers, community members and concerned citizens. We call on the board to:

Delay the decision to enter into a contract with Teach for America. Teach for America (TFA) is a controversial program that places untrained young people to teach in some of our toughest classrooms. TFA is an expensive program that won’t help our students as much as other reforms could and just papers over some of the toughest problems our schools have.

Delay the decision to sell Burgwin School (or any other school property*) to a charter operator. The sale of Burgwin is a controversial decision that should not be rushed and should not be made without a clear understanding of what the administration’s plans are for public schools in Hazelwood.

Delay the decision to close Woolslair Elementary School.  With our budget projections in flux and the continued increase in enrollment in kindergarten and early elementary grades, we must resist the temptation to close schools until we get a better picture of the vision the administration has for public education in our city.

Elections matter and the recent election has brought significant change to the Pittsburgh School Board.  For this reason, it is imperative that the Pittsburgh Public Schools respect the public’s voice in the results of this election and withhold any controversial or significant agenda items until the new board is sworn in in December.

*We added a small edit to our petition, "..or any other school property" to the Burgwin section.  The school district announced that they would not be submitting the sale of Burgwin to the School Board this month, however they are sending the sale of two other school properties to the board, one of which is proposed to be sold to the same charter operator who wishes to buy Burgwin.  After discussing it internally, we thought this was within the spirit of the original language and decided to make this small edition to clarify our intent to the school district. We communicated this to the existing petition signers as well, all of whom were told they are free to unsign the petition if they find this to be objectionable by contacting us directly.

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