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End the ban on Bully type/pitbull breed of dogs

Aggressive dogs are found among any breed or crossbreed; Breed specific legislation and breed bans are not effective solutions to the problem of dog attacks; the problem with dog attacks is best dealt with through a comprehensive program of education,training and legislation encouraging responsible ownership of all breeds. We the underlined petition the city of Arkansas City Kansas to lift the ban on ALL Pitbull/Bully type breeds and refrain from enacting provincial animal control legislationthat is breed specific,instead implement a comprehensive bite preventionstrategy that encourages responsible ownership of not jus Bully type breeds but all type of breeds Thank You for your time and hope that we the people of Arkansas City will have another chance to prove these breeds and any other dogs are worth saving from being banned.

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  • Pitbull ban/bully breed ban in the city of Arkansas City Kansas

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