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Premier Philippe Couillard Please stop breed bans in Quebec

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Premier Philippe Couillard Please stop breed bans in Quebec

Dear Mr. Premier,

The people of Quebec, The United States of America and the world are united in asking you to please stop any legislation to ban certain breeds of dogs. These laws are inhumane and go against the morals of a free society we all hold dear. Please do the research of scientific data from the AVMA, The SPCA of Montreal and the CDC in America before making any decision. Here in the United States we have been ending Breed Specific Legislation in cities and states all over the country because they just don't work. The truth about these laws is they do nothing to make people safer from dog bites. To the contrary in each area that has enacted these laws dog bites have actually increased. Not only have bites increased but people that want to raise a mean dog just turn to another breed or they go underground with the breed that has been banned. Criminals do not care about breed bans they know how to adapt to them and continue. Not only do they not enhance the safety of citizens they are also too expensive and difficult to enforce. When you enforce a breed ban an officer must rely on how a dog looks in order to determine it's breed. Most animal control officers or police can not be relied upon to accurately identify a dog's breed just by looking at it. I consider myself an expert on Pit Bulls and a lot of the time I can't tell myself. If you pass BSL in your country all you will do is break families apart and force your citizens to give up what they consider a family member or break the law in order to keep them. Believe me this happens everywhere these laws are in effect.

Mayor Denis Coderre of Montreal instead of listening to experts and researching true scientific data, instead listened to groups like Dogsbitedotorg and Animals 24/7. We who know them consider them to be like the KKK or Skinheads here in America. They are hate groups that while saying they are about public safety are actually only interested in killing a breed of dog they really know nothing about. They do not use scientific data, what they do is scour newspaper articles and TV reports of dog bites and whether they are proved to be a certain breed or not use them in their statistics. The truth is there are no real verifiable statistics when it comes to dog bites because too many times the breed has been misidentified and then not corrected. Also there are many bites that go unreported. The truth is you cannot rely upon groups like the ones I have mentioned to give you real facts.

So what do we recommend?

Instead of a breed ban which will only bring hardship upon many of your citizens. We strongly recommend you follow the steps they did in Alberta and enact "dangerous dog" ordinances which go after the real culprit in dog attacks "the owner" and individual dogs. Instead of banning a breed focus on the people who own them. Use penalties of jail time, fines and banning people convicted from ever owning a dog again. Contact your counterparts in Alberta and research what they've done in Calgary. Dog bites have significantly decreased and people are able to keep their family members. This is a much more effective way to deal with this problem then the ones proposed or enacted in your Province.

Mr. Premier we the people of Quebec, The United States of America and the world call upon your humanity to put an end to any breed bans in Quebec. Please look to your heart and your soul and I believe you will know to continue with BSL is just wrong. The world is watching Mr. Premier and we rely upon your decency as a human being to make the right choice.

Thank you

Rick Haynes

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