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Free Beefcake!

Pintler Pets, of Anaconda, Montana, picked up a little black cat named Beefcake! He is a year old, neutered, and de-clawed, and he belongs to a 5 year old girl named Savannah. Beefcake escaped from her home in December. Savannah, with the help of her mother, walked the neighborhood, calling out for Beefcake, daily. They left food out for him, they checked the humane society website. Nothing. Beefcake was gone, and in one last attempt to get him back, Savannah said a prayer to bring Beefcake home. On January 5th, Savannah and her mom checked the humane society website, one last time. MIRACULOUSLY, they had a picture of Beefcake on their website! This is where the trouble begins...the next day, Savannah's mom called Pintler Pets, the humane society, that was holding Beefcake. She inquired about him, and what she needed to do to get him back. "Come in tomorrow at 11 and bring a picture of the cat." That was the response from Pintler Pets. So, the next day at 11, Savannah and her mom, went down to Pintler Pets, pictures in hand, ready to pick up the cat that belonged to them. Pintler Pets acknowledged that the cat in the picture was "defnitely" Beefcake! They then declared that Beefcake belongs to them now, and if we want him back we have to fill out the background check/adoption form, and pay $40.00 to "re-adopt" him. Now, had Beefcake wandered across town, I might be inclined to pay the fee and move on. HOWEVER, as it turns out, Beefcake was picked up literally, physically, right across the street from SAVANNAH'S HOUSE!!!! Beefcake was not a stray, was not missing. Beefcake was CAT-NAPPED and is being held for ransom!! I have since found out that Pintler Pets gets paid $25.00 by the County of Deer Lodge, for taking the cat in, then they make another $40.00 to "re-adopt" the cat out to it's rightful and original owners! Savannah is heartbroken, and her mother,(me), is infuriated with this "charitable" organization. Please sign our petition to FREE BEEFCAKE!!!!

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