Save White Mountains From Developers

Save White Mountains From Developers

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White Mountain Preservation started this petition to Town Manager of Pinetop-Lakeside Keith Johnson and

Arizona’s White Mountains Community is tired of having our tall pines, hiking trails and beautiful views interrupted by shoppings malls and RV parks.

Thoughtful, local-sensitive commerce can be an asset for our community, but too often companies with money from the valley come in to cut down our trees and tear up our landscape. 

The commission and city council just passed a rezoning plan to allow for a 40 acre shopping mall (2 big box stores we're told) to be placed in one of the most beautiful areas in our community!

Then, there was a 2nd plan to grab 26 acres for an RV park— near one of the most beautiful views of the rim and the disability services property, Camp Tatiyee. Even though the updated plan includes a "wall" to "protect" Camp Tatiyee, we're concerned about the effect businesses such as this will have on the camp experience, its youth services and on those who frequent the surrounding trails!

"Declaration of Independence" DISCLAIMER

(i) It's become ever more important to clarify this group. White Mountain Preservation is comprised of private citizens who seek after the protection of White Mountains. This online petition was started by David Jensen, concerned citizen with ties to Pinetop-Lakeside, but who lives in the Phoenix area. Although this petition was inspired by the efforts to rezone the forest surrounding Camp Tatiyee and Camp Grace, this is not our sole focus. 

(ii) White Mountain Preservation is NOT Camp Tatiyee; is NOT Camp Grace; and is NOT affiliated with any nonprofit, lobby or business. We are simply a pressure group exerting our rights as private citizens to support the issues that are important to us. We do not accept donations and all our efforts are volunteer and come at our own expense. 

(iii) has a functionality as a part of its website and outreach procurement to request donations on behalf of our effort. WMP has no way to turn off this feature. We do not receive these funds. It is stated that those donations go towards making our petition more visible on the website, but we have no immediate way to identify where those funds go and to what measure. We request that you DO NOT donate money to our organization as it gives government an opportunity to place more regulations on our group and goes to delegitimize our good faith efforts.

update July 8, 2020 
(ADDITIONAL DISCLOSURE: The town of Pinetop-Lakeside would be wrong to use this online forum to harm the new 'referendum petition,' started in June, 2020, seeking a public vote. This new petition has been forwarded by the efforts Pinetop-Lakeside-area 'full-time' residents who do not support "expansion at all costs." We understand that they are concerned for the safety and sanctity of the youth camps, and recognize the threat to increased traffic in that area, particularly as it relates to the wildfire season. White Mountain Preservation has no affiliation with the committee formed to circulate the referendum petition. Our online petition is meant to inform the public and bring more awareness to White Mountain conservation. The convenience of this social-media platform effectively gives a voice to those who support the PL lifestyle and outdoor-culture, the pine, the trails and so forth.)


Council Chambers 325 W White Mtn Blvd.


Also join the White Mountain Preservation Facebook page to stay informed and voice your opinion! We should ALL have a voice, not just the out-of-state/town investors!

Before this land was made available for private use the US Forest Service and US Department of Agriculture completed an environmental impact study. It states "The intent of the proponent is to continue operating the Camp Tatiyee youth camp at its current site on the parcel if the land is conveyed."

The strong language used throughout this document makes it clear that this land would not become available unless the integrity of Camp Tatiyee, the public trails and view of the White Mountains are all maintained and protected. 

Please sign the petition if you believe youth camps need a significant buffer. If you believe eco-friendly development is critical, and if you wish to maintain the unique characteristics of our White Mountains community, please sign and share! 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!