No School this Friday (after Halloween)

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Everyone is going to be extremely tired after going around collecting candy from door to door, while some people go to there family or friends house and have a dinner! Halloween is a once in a year opportunity to not only eat as much candy as we want, but also have a good time and laugh. Nov. 1 is usually the day young kids are recovering from the sugar highs of the previous day as well as catching up on lost sleep from late night trick-or-treating. To expect students to go to school and learn as well as usual is unreasonable. On a normal school day, many students already find it hard to stay awake until the end of the day. Students can also use this day to catch up on missed sleep over the past few weeks and also get a head start on assignments, especially since the last day off from school was over three weeks ago. Having school the day after Halloween is only worse and is a waste of time for both teachers and students. The teachers are wasting their energy trying to teach through the sugar daze while the students are either bouncing off the walls or struggling to stay awake. The day after Halloween we get super tired which might affect our abilities to get good grades! So in that case it would be awesome if there was not school The day after Halloween. (November 1st, 2019)