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Petitioning City Manager Richard Miranda and 12 others

Pima County Board of Supervisors and Tucson City Council: Ban sales of dogs and cats in pet stores

The sale of animals in pet stores encourages the continued existence of puppy and cat mills as well as animals who are genetically or physically defective. Stopping the sale of dogs and cats by pet stores will also help animal overpopulation and crowding in local shelters by encouraging more people to adopt animals and insuring that animals adopted are spayed and neutered.

This petition was delivered to:
  • City Manager
    Richard Miranda
  • Councilor Ward 5
    Richard Fimbres
  • Councilor Ward 4
    Shirley Scott
  • Councilor Ward 3
    Karin Uhlich
  • Councilor Ward 2
    Paul Cunningham
  • Councilor Ward 1
    Regina Romero
  • Mayor
    Jonathan Rothschild
  • Pima County Supervisor District 2
    Ramon Valadez
  • Pima County Supervisor District 5
    Richard Elias
  • Pima County Supervisor District 4
    Ray Carroll
  • Pima County Supervisor District 3
    Sharon Bronson
  • Pima County Supervisor District 1
    Ally Miller
  • Councilor Ward 6
    Steve Kozachik

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