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Petitioning Pilar College President Sr. Maria Nina Balbas

Revoke the school's Hijab (Muslim Veil) Ban Policy

It is very alarming that an educational institution such as Pilar College is trampling over the dignity and religious freedom of its female Muslim students. Their policy banning the use of veils/hijabs in the school premises sends a very strong message that this school is promoting discrimination against Islam. It is not only against the law to ban the use of hijabs, it also violates every human being's right to religious freedom. We call on Pilar College to reverse this policy and allow their students to wear the hijab and respect their students’ right to practice religion.

Christian or Muslim, we are in solidarity with our Muslim sisters in Zamboanga. Islamophobia must stop.

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  • Pilar College President Sr. Maria Nina Balbas

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