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Pigs Tortured As They Are Forced to Their Deaths

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Dear Sirs

It is with regret that I must bring to your attention the issue of animal cruelty actions and behaviours that are currently happening at the slaughter house in Vigan, Ilocos Sur, Philippines:

A condensed 50 minute long footage taken early this year shows multiple breach of the Animal Welfare Law by a number of staff members, to include bystanders and a security guard as they stood back and watched the cruelty being committed at the grounds of the slaughter house.  

As I bore witness to this cruel, horrific and appalling treatment of the pigs, I quote sections of the amended Animal Welfare Law as each deemed pertinent to each action done to these poor sentient beings.  

(RA 8485 as amended by RA10631)

SECTION 1. It is the purpose of this Act to protect and promote the welfare of all animals in the Philippines by supervising and regulating the establishment and operations of all facilities utilized for breeding, maintaining, keeping, treating or training of all animals either as objects of trade.

SECTION 2. No person, association, partnership,corporation, cooperative or any government agency or instrumentality including slaughter houses shall establish, maintain and operate any pet shop, kennel, veterinary clinic, veterinary hospital, stockyard, corral, stud farm or stock farm or zoo for the breeding, treatment, sale or trading, or training of animals without first securing from the Bureau of Animal Industry a certificate of registration therefore.



No cruel confinement or restraint shall be made on such animals while being transported.

Staff restrained the pigs by pulling and lifting them by their ears and tails, kicked and punched them repeatedly to force them to submission.


It shall be unlawful for any person to torture any animal, to neglect to provide adequate care, or maltreat any animal.

Pigs were blind folded by staff using a bag over their heads as they scream fearfully for their lives. This action is torturous to the animals. (Pigs are proven and  well documented to be highly intelligent and emotional animals). They are sentient beings who like humans, feel pain, joy, sadness, trauma, stress and fear.

A number of them were thrown to the floor from a great height and as they screamed in pain, no mercy was spared for them. Adding to the torture and mistreatment, they are then punched and kicked as they were forcibly loaded into a crate to their deaths. “Adequate care” was not provided but rather immense cruelty and maltreatment were blatantly in operation.

In all the above mentioned cases, including those of cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, poultry, rabbits, carabaos, horses, deer and crocodiles the killing of the animals shall be done through humane procedures at all times. 

As you can see on the video, the procedures used by the staff was cruel, inhumane and horrific to the pigs.  No animal deserve such horror regardless of their fate for slaughter. 

Please, I urge you to watch the 50 minute video:

I call on you to please enforce the law on animal welfare and review the minimum guidelines on how to handle sentient beings, preventing the infliction of  unnecessary suffering in all slaughter houses.  Thank you.

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