Yona of the Dawn Anime - New Season Release

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For "Yona of the Dawn" watchers, we ALL want to see a new season come out. As someone who has read the manga and is up to date, I would love to see how it pans out visually on screen.

We meet a brand new character in the very last episode of what has been aired. I want to see more of him and the rest of the group! Doesn't everyone else? What about the ending? I want to see what happens after the last seen attack!

The story line is so powerful and amazing to read. Sure, the illustrations in the manga are great! But I love seeing it on screen too. Powerful storylines make watching anything so much better!

The soundtrack was incredible!!! I would love to hear more amazing creations for this series. Each and every soundtrack just took my breath away with every moment. I would love to hear more.

So apparently it hasn't continued because it hasn't received enough popularity? It needs to be given a chance! Supporters, only we can convince the company to make this happen. Only we can try and do something to get what we want; more Yona!!!!!!!

Watchers and readers of "Yona of the Dawn," I think I can speak on behalf of everyone that we all love it and it's amazing storyline and visual. Don't you want to see the anime continue? I certainly do.

So let's try and make it happen, and not let it be cancelled!!!