STOP the renaming of PTI (Piedmont Triad International Airport)

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STOP the renaming of PTI (Piedmont Triad International Airport)

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Started by Nicky Smith

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UPDATE: After seeing the PTI Press Release today I am delighted that the thousands of individuals that have signed the petition voice has been heard. This issue has hit a core nerve of the citizens of the Piedmont Triad area and our identity.

I still plan to attend the January 23, 2018 PTI Board Authority and will express my views and the thousands that have spoken. It is not my interest to be a part of the final name that others will recommend, but if asked I will clearly give my opinion as a native of the Piedmont Triad.

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Piedmont Triad Airport Authority Board of Directors has voted unanimously on December 19th to change the name of the "Piedmont Triad International Airport" (PTI) to "Central North Carolina International Airport". There has been a major outpouring on social media that there is nothing wrong with the current name and that the new name was made with haste and not considering the thoughts of the community. 

Airport authority members, appointed by area governments, say they’ve been discussing this change for months. But quietly, without public input. So public reaction, not surprisingly, is ... unenthusiastic.

Piedmont Triad International Airport is a public facility governed by a regional authority. Its members are appointed by Guilford and Forsyth county commissioners and Greensboro, High Point and Winston-Salem city councils. Putting just one city, Greensboro, in the name of the airport would leave out the other entities. Including them all would create a name that’s too long. This dilemma led to the Piedmont Triad International Airport compromise 30 years ago.

The Piedmont Triad is made of up three cities, Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point, North Carolina. Piedmont Triad International Airport had its start in 1927 when the Tri-City Airport Commission selected 112 acres near the community of Friendship for an airport, and petitioned to become a stop along the congressionally authorized airmail route from New York to New Orleans. 

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There are more reasons not to change this name that I can not list all of them but will list a few:

  • Central North Carolina International Airport does not represent the airport or it's geographic location
  • Some have suggested using "Greensboro International Airport" as many cities have done
  • The name is not broken, why change it?
  • It was stated that Chris Chung head of EDPNC (Economic Development Partnership of NC) to the Airport Authority Board said "While all of us in NC are used to the term Piedmont Triad, I’ll admit I’d never heard the name before moving here.".  A respected local Greensboro native said this to what Chris Chung said "Chris knows as much about Marketing as you do Brain Surgery. All I have heard is laughter and unbelief on the name change. It could well cost us ridership. Makes as much sense as what comes out of Congress!"
  • Hundred of thousands of dollars to change names because some group wanted to change something for the sake of change. It won't bring another carrier in to serve newer markets or reduce the cost of using this airport.

From H Scott Hoffmann, writer News & Record: "Sitting in Greensboro, we’d like to see our city’s name associated with our city’s airport. People know cities, some better than others. Greensboro is the third-largest city in the country’s ninth-largest state. Its airport also ranks third in size, behind two that carry the names of specific cities: Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham. RDU is located between Raleigh and Durham, so sharing those names makes sense."

"Our airport, by whatever name, is poised for growth. Passenger traffic was up this year, with fares on many flights lower than what are available in Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham. Also, travel hassles are fewer than at larger airports. Honda Aircraft and Haeco Americas are just two companies that have successful operations here, and an aviation-related industrial site is ready for development — in Greensboro."

"There probably wasn’t a pressing need to rename the airport, and there’s unlikely to be public consensus that the best new name was selected."

It is the goal of this petition is to have the Piedmont Triad Airport Authority Board of Directors STOP this name change immediately by seeing the outpouring on names on this petition that this was not a well thought idea.

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This petition had 6,308 supporters

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