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An emaciated baby elephant is forced to bang her head to rave music, “play” musical instruments and perform tricks under the threat of painful punishment at a Thai zoo, investigators have found.
Behind-the-scenes footage also shows the young animal chained up and repeatedly sucking on her trunk – a sign of distress – when away from the tourist shows.
The infant elephant, dubbed “a real-life Dumbo”, is made to join “distressing” performances up to three times a day at Phuket Zoo.
Tourists watched and laughed as she and two adult elephants banged their heads up and down and side to side, and held a leg up while the zoo played loud rave music.
At one point, trainers were seen scraping the animals with bullhooks
Most of us know that baby elephants continue to suckle from their moms up to 5 years than "females live on with their moms for the rest of their lives. Babies are stolen from their moms, way too young to be separated from mom, and immediately feels confused, depressed and frightened. They are then placed in a "crush box" so small that he can't even fit his teddy bear in. They are chained beaten and poked with a "bullhook", starved and deprived of water till they obey their masters. The bullhook will know to be a part of their lives and their fate is grim.
Elephants are EXTREMELY" INTELLIGENT" CREATURES. They share all the same emotions we do. Fear, confusion, depression, stress, sadness, loneliness, anger physical and emotional pain. They even mourn their dead and attempt to try to bury the deceased and that includes other animals as well.
This elephant nightmare needs to end everywhere. Elephants deserve compassion and respect. They are not for entertainment and if everyone knew this, it would put them out of business. Elephants would live the lives they desearve. Freedom
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These elephants need to be sent to a sanctuary to live out their lives with freedom, health, and joy.

I'm a long time animal lover and have been advating for a while now. When I see things like this it makes my blood boil to the point where I want to catch the next plane with a bullhook of my own.