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CLOSE PHUKET ZOO. Confiscate the wildlife and animals held in neglectful captivity.

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Dear Hon Prime Minister of Thailand, Honorary Elected Government Officials of the Royal Thailand Government including Ambassadors, and The Thailand Tourism Authority,

I am writing to you to express my serious and warranted concern about the LACK of appropriate care provided to the wildlife and animals held captive at Phuket “Zoo”.

In the Zoos current condition and treatment of these captive animals, this is not only a serious matter of concern for animal welfare, but also a reflection on your country, your ethics as Thai people in allowing this and a serious threat to your tourism industry. 

It is apparent that Phuket Zoo exists to purely make a profit, and neglects MOST basic needs of these animals. The facilities are run down, the cages are putrid, small and without ANY enrichment tools or consideration for the well-being of the animals. Most cages have little or no feed or fresh water.

Many animals seem injured, are malnourished, neglected and showed obvious signs of distress and mental health issues. There is unlimited footage of elephants swaying in repetitive motions for hours on end, of elephants being hit, of crocodiles being beaten with sticks, of tigers being chained and drugged. 

Recently the world mourned Phuket Zoos orangutan "Milo" who was dumped out to a forest in Phuket as she no longer was profitable for the Zoo, she died after being rescued. This is abhorrent. 

The “shows” this Zoo holds daily exploit the animals for the sake of “entertainment” and pay no consideration again to any need of the animals welfare.

Search any website and find reviews on this "National Tourist Destination" and you will find that I am NOT ALONE in condemning it and recommending that NO TOURIST ever visit your “Zoo” in it’s current condition, and whilst you continue to exploit and neglect the very animals that tourists go to see.

I ask that you take steps to immediately close this facility and confiscate animals to be rehabilitated to wildlife organisations or other Zoos around the world. This Zoo must be closed and the cruelty and revolving door of exploited animals be closed.

This letter has been and will be circulated among thousands of others including Travel Agents and those in the tourist Industry, in the hope that we can instigate CHANGE for these animals, and immediately begin to improve their lives and existence.

This will reflect well on your concern as a Government,  as Thai people, on how you respond to these valid and serious concerns from the international community, your tourists.

Yours sincerely,


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