Open Phoenix OS kernel source - let us help improve hardware support!


Open Phoenix OS kernel source - let us help improve hardware support!

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Karol Putra started this petition to Phoenix OS Team Beijing Chaozhuo Technology Co., Ltd.

Phoenix OS (made by Chaozhuo) is one of the only still maintained, full desktop UI Android operating systems available for PCs and ARM (mobile) devices for free.

It has invaluable qualities - as shown in the introduction video from April "16:

  • Full desktop UI with great freeform windows framework, taskbar, start menu and notification center (like Windows/Mac/Linux distros)
  • Support for keyboard hotkeys used in popular OSes
  • Full mouse support (right click, context menus)
  • Beautiful design
  • Potential to bring new life to lowend & old devices
    Android's low requirements & great resource management result in a better overall performance compared to Windows -  specially on slower PCs.
  • Provides the best device-device synchronization.
    Seamless switching between smartphone, tablet and PC having settings and apps in sync.
  • Keyboard and mouse can be used in games that don't support them
    You can map touch points in game with keyboard keys and play the game like on Windows.

Without a doubt it's a great system that has been around since December 2015.
Unfortunately, it's hardware support is still poor.
Many of Phoenix OS users enjoy the OS, but they can't do it fully. Others can't do it at all.
There are many examples. Here are just a few: 

  • the graphics card isn't supported so system will not boot,
  • WiFi or Bluetooth won't work,
  • other peripherals refuse to cooperate,
  • system freezes or reboots

Most of these, if not all, can be leveraged by opening the kernel (core part of the system) source code. It will allow the community to contribute fixes and new drivers to the code.

Reasons to fulfill our request:

  1. Legal & moral obligation - Chaozhuo violates GPLv2 license
    POS kernel is build on the Android-x86 kernel - licensed with GPLv2.
    One of the essential terms is that you must open source complete source.
    At Linux Github repo you can read the license fulltext and a great, clean summary.
  2. Better hardware support and troubleshooting
    Guarantees user satisfaction and project promotion.
  3. Open source = community driven = bigger interest in the product.
  4. Project development boost
    Open source projects gain development momentum as more people join the project community.
  5. Global reach and diversity
    Developers from all around the world will contribute to your project.
  6. More transparency and therefore trust in your project.
  7. We can help you opensource it!
    We'll be more than happy to join your Github or other open source repository platform as maintainers, contributors or simple users with feedback.
    You can count on our advice and support!

    There are definitely more reasons, but the above should be more than enough.

Let's convince Chaozhuo to finally open the kernel source first, then maybe we'll convince them to open the whole system!

Phoenix OS Team and supporters,
Join us on Phoenix OS Discord server to communicate faster and better:
There are already quite a lot of us :)

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It worked! Phoenix OS is now on Github and kernel source is available. 
We're still gathering signatures, because we must first verify that the source is legit and not just a copy of Android-x86 with no custom Phoenix OS modifications. 
We'll let you know when we've verified.


This petition made change with 306 supporters!