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Phoenix for Appropriate LED Lighting (2700K - less glare & warmer in color)

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This petition represents a collective voice of Phoenicians in support of 2700K LED street & park lights. We understand Kelvin (K) is a measurement of a lights color (warmer to colder colors), whereas lumens is the measurement of a light's brightness. This petition focuses on Kelvin color quality of LED lights that we desire. 

We recognize the importance outdoor lighting decisions have in our neighborhoods, streets, parks and on our lives, and understand City Council will soon make a decision on the quality of LED lighting to proliferate throughout the city. We support a transition to LED for its energy and cost saving attributes. In making the final decision, however, we urge the selection of 2700K LED lights (generally thought of as a “warmer” color temperature) for our streets and parks for some of the following reasons:

Scientists, including from Harvard and the American Medical Association, warn that higher Kelvin lights (i.e. “colder” color temperature) – which emit more blue-wavelength of lightare detrimental to human health by suppressing melatonin production. Higher Kelvin lights are further problematic for wildlife by confusing their sense of day and night.

There is real difference between a 2700K white LED and a 3000K white LED - that is a meaningful reduction of blue light emission. So, ANY reduction in blue light emission after dark that we can achieve is better.

So too, higher and bluer white Kelvin LEDs create a harsh environment causing glare and dark shadows which run counter to Phoenix Police Department's Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) guidelines and reduce security.

We want parks and streets that are pleasant to walk along. Neighborhoods with open curtains and more community interaction are the safest neighborhoods, yet these overly-harsh bluer LED lights cause neighbors to block out the lights and thus avoid the streets, making our neighborhoods less safe. 

Other cities have tried these bluer white, higher-Kelvin lights and have had to reverse their decisions after widespread citizen complaints. Such a mistake is expensive, disruptive, and wasteful. We urge you to avoid other cities’ mistakes by rejecting the higher Kelvin bulbs and instead adopting 2700K lights.

*NOTE: 2700K-4000K can have the same brightness level (lumens).

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