Request Phish Please play somewhere warm (LA, Vegas, Miami) in U.S. for NYE 2018!

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Please Please Please Phish consider playing somewhere warm in the continental US for New Year's runs in the future. Las Vegas, Miami, LA all offer the same all night entertainment for fans as well as being large cities that can handle 30k fans without blinking an eye. Traveling out of New England in Dec/Jan would be a welcome change for most of us, and there is virtually no cost difference between spending 4 days in NYC, LA, Miami and Vegas. Enough of MSG. Post-renovations it is a terrible venue for fans. And New York is stupid cold for New Years Eve. Also, the 2017 New Year's run had "tickets on the ground" for all 4 nights; people on FB couldnt give away 12-31 there goes the "MSG guaranteed sell out" argument that has been used against Miami in the past. Let us all ring in the new year without snow and ice and freezing temps!!! Cmon Phish!!! You Can Do It!!!