Dr. Phillip Hammock: Please Don't Legitimize Animal Cruelty of Big Lick Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration By Serving On The Celebration's "VAC"(Veterinary Advisory Committee)

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Dr. Phillip Hammock and Countryside Veterinary Services advertises that it offers "down home loving care" and "the animals always come first".    

Please sign this Petition,  and comment,  so Dr. Hammock will know why you want him to resign from the Celebration's VAC.

In 2014,   Dr. Phillip Hammock of Countryside Veterinary Services outside Knoxville, Tennessee,   served on the scandal plagued "VAC" (Veterinary Advisory Committee) of the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration.

The TWHNC features the "Big Lick" Tennessee Walking Horse which is Animal Cruelty.  The "Big Lick" is a pain induced gait.  You can't have the "Big Lick" without pain and cruelty.  In 2014, USDA Vets disqualified over 15% of the Tennessee Walking Horses it inspected for being "SORE"(Animal Cruelty).

The “VAC” is a public relations “gimmick” created last year by Big Lick Animal Cruelty supporters in an attempt to legitimize and make the Big Lick socially acceptable. It is also used to create meaningless statistics which will be used to continue the corrupt self regulation of TWH, according to 2010 USDA OIG Audit.

The "VAC" was exposed as a fraud last August, first by www.billygoboy.com, and then by The Tennessean newspaper.  Each reported that former Budweiser Clydesdale Vet Dr. Dallas O. Goble was not part of the “VAC”,  nor was he inspecting any horses at the Celebration. 

 Celebration Chairman David L. Howard and “VAC” Spokesperson Tom Blankenship repeatedly lied to the public last August when they insisted that Dr. Goble was one of three “VAC” members, and implied that he would be inspecting horses at the 2014 Celebration.

When contacted by www.billygoboy.com, Dr. Goble emphatically said he was not a VAC member,  and “I wouldn’t touch that with a 10 foot pole”.


Ten days ago,  Dr. Robert Hunt of Hagyard Equine Medical Institute of Lexington, Kentucky, abruptly resigned from the "VAC" after a public outcry.   Hagyard's partner,  The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), was mortified by association with the Big Lick Animal Cruelty.

Hagyard statement,  "Due to personal and professional conflict,  Dr. Robert Hunt has resigned from his volunteer position on the Veterinary Advisory Committee for the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration". 


According to Hagyard in a July 13, 2015 Statement,  the Celebration's VAC in a blatant "Big Lick, Big Lie" told Dr Hunt that his participation would establish standards that would include the prohibition of action devices (CHAINS). 


Questions For Dr. Phillip Hammock:

  • What,  if any, of the VAC blood tests check for soring substances?
  • What % of your practice is Big Lick Tennessee Walking Horses?
  • Have you ever seen the scars left by Big Lick training methods?
  • Have you ever removed training scars from Big Lick Tennessee Walking Horses?
  • What do you think of your alma mater, the University of Tennessee, no longer allowing Big Lick Tennessee Walking Horses at the annual Homecoming football game?
  • Did the VAC tell you that your participation would help establish standards that would prohibit the use of action devices (CHAINS) on Big Lick Tennessee Walking Horses?
  • How many nights during the 10 day Celebration will you be there inspecting Big Lick Tennessee Walking Horses?
  • How many nights were you there in 2014?
  • Being in the business of caring for animals, how can you be associated with the Big Lick Tennessee Walking Horse Animal Cruelty in any shape, form or fashion?

 Does Dr. Hammock need to just "WALK AWAY" from the Big Lick Animal Cruelty of the Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration?