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Petitioning The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts

Phill Kline's Legacy

Special interest groups like Operation Rescue should not be able to use the legal and administrative mechanisms of the State of Kansas, at taxpayer expense, to advance religious or social agendas.

The KSBHA has for a number of years bowed to pressure groups such as Operation Rescue and Kansans for Life, selectively investigating and punishing abortion providers, thus creating a hostile environment which deters physicians from providing a legal medical service. The evidence is posted on their site. If you ARE and abortion provider, you are MORE LIKELY THAN NOT to have been investigated, censured or otherwise disciplined by the Board. Contrast that with those that DO NOT provide abortion, where the likelihood is probably less than 1%.

This leads to the inescapable conclusion that either those physicians who decide to provide full reproductive services in Kansas are predestined in some way to become less competent physicians, OR that the Kansas medical board is seriously biased.

This latest investigation was announced immediately following Dr. Tiller's acquittal in 2009. It was brought on behalf of Cheryl Sullenger, who did time in Federal prison for conspiracy to commit arson against abortion clinics. Mrs. Sullenger is now a key member of the extremist anti-choice organization Operation Rescue, which has publicly committed to closing every abortion clinic in the United States.

The case is based on files obtained under false pretenses by then Attorney General Phill Kline, who was recently disbarred for numerous ethical violations in his single-minded attempts to destroy Planned Parenthood.

The State of Kansas is estimated to have spent at least $250,000 of taxpayer money, including three round-trip flights, hotel and meal expenses plus $400/hour for at least 10 days to a Washington, DC psychiatrist who has no experience caring for pregnant patients. This psychiatrist's testimony included the shocking statement that she could not imagine a real-life situation in which an abortion would be medically necessary.

The State of Kansas is attempting to bill Dr. Neuhaus personally for what is clearly a politically-motivated investigation.

In the case of Dr. Kristin Neuhaus, MD, we ask that the KSBHA consider not just the petitioner's evidence but also testimony presented by the defense, as well as the broader context of the case.

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