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Philippines: open the satellite images!

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News coverage on the Philippines is decreasing, but the humanitarian crisis is just starting there.


Mapping is playing and will play an important role in the relief and rehabilitation effort coming from the humanitarian organizations, national authorities and local communities, be it to assess damages and needs, support logistics, or plan the reconstruction of the country.


The intense media coverage around crisis mapping these days is hiding a major issue concerning lasting access to high-quality satellite images. In fact, OpenStreetMap contributors only have access, for some of the areas worst hit by the typhoon, to images of an insufficient quality while pre-disaster images of much better quality would be easily accessible online if authorization was given. For other images, access is limited over time (while reconstruction will take years).


OpenStreetMap Philippines, Provincial Relief Aid for Yolanda (PRAY), OpenStreetMap France, the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team coordinators for the Philippines Yolanda / Haiyan activation (Pierre Béland, Andrew Buck, Maning Sambale), VISOV, CartONG and Arkemie want to incite all satellite imagery providers to give a more open, stable, and public access to this vital data as soon as possible for NGOs and local communities.


We invite every humanitarian organization that share this need to join the call (contact jgc@arkemie.org) and any person who wants to support this cause to sign this petition.


"Imagine the mayor of a town in danger of being flooded gets a million pre-filled sandbags delivered for free at his doorsteps. Now imagine only city officials may touch them. That is the situation with geodata and satellite imagery in crisis situations." , explains Andreas.

We want to thank the members of the International Charter Space and Major Disasters, who contributed to supply for free pre- and post-disaster images. Unfortunately, this is not sufficient to answer diligently to such humanitarian crises and:

1. save lives with a rapid response as soon as such crises happen

2. support the colossal reconstruction effort afterwards.


Photo: Maning Sambale

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