Southern Philippines (Mindanao)

Southern Philippines (Mindanao)

April 3, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Minda Mindanaoan

An open letter to the Philippine Government. Especially to our President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.


On behalf of Mindanao, it has come to our attention that the people who kept on creating scenarios on shaming the government to the rest of the nation, mostly reside in the land of Luzon.

In order to maintain peace and equity of our nation, we humbly lift the idea of dividing our beloved country into 2 parts. Just like how North and South Korea is. Since the people in Mindanao can't comprehend why the people in Luzon kept on wailing about problems. As per my observation, the only people who kept on rallying are the people in Luzon. In Mindanao, all we do is watch the people in Luzon rallying about nonsense.

The Land of Mindanao lives peacefully in harmony with each other. When our government enforced the law on us, we never complain. When our President declared martial law in Mindanao, we did not complain but why do we see people in Manila making a fuss about the Martial Law they never experienced in the first place?

This letter is not intended to rant about how Mindanao feel disgust at Luzon. This is to propose a decree to permanently separate Luzon to Mindanao. To create the Northern Philippines and the Southern Philippines. To promote Peace and harmony to each other.

Why do I say Peace and Harmony, you asked? Citizens in Luzon keeps on attacking its own government who only wants the best for them. They even make advantage of social media and the press to manipulate the rest of the people who are not aware of anything at all.

We, Mindanao, only want what is best for everyone. We do not want to join Luzon in destroying our country and ourselves. Instead, we would like to create history. By dividing the country into two.

The taxes in Mindanao will never be sent to Luzon, but instead we will have our own government and our own leaders. We will make our own economy and our own future. We do not need people who keeps on attacking one another. But we need more people who help one another. Mindanao will be called Southern Phillipines, with our own money and our own government. While you there Luzon, will have your own thing. Destroying each other. Keep it up.

There's so much more to say but I will just leave the rest to your wild imagination. How beautiful our lives would be if we are to be separated from toxic people?

Let us lift each other, Philippines!


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Signatures: 22Next Goal: 25
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