Save the Filipino Farmers

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Rice fields are turning gold and two weeks from now, harvesting season will start here in Nueva Ecija. But unlike last year, you don't see from the farmer's eyes the excitement of reaping the fruit of four months of hard labor. Excitement turned into worry... worrying of just breaking even or even selling the harvest at a loss. Farmers have all the reasons to worry for the farm gate price of fresh palay is currently at 12 to 14 pesos per kilogram compared to 19 to 21 pesos per kilogram same season last year. Here are some interesting numbers... The average cost and average yield per hectare during this season are 40,000 pesos and 5,000 kgs of palay, respectively. At 12 pesos per kg, it will give a net income of 20,000 pesos per hectare ((12pesos/kg x 5,000kgs) - 40,000pesos) compared to 55,000 pesos ((19pesos/kg x 5,000kgs) - 40,000pesos) same season last year. That is roughly 65% loss of income! 20,000 pesos income translates to 3,333 pesos of monthly income and that amount of money is surely not enough to have a decent living for a farmer who only owns one or two hectares of farm.

It is ironic that farmers are the ones feeding the nation yet they cannot feed themselves...

It is ironic that goverment officials are exhausting all their time in figuring out where transgenders should pee yet they are ignoring the industry where millions of Filipinos depend their future...



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