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Pursue the Peace Process in Mindanao #FightForPeace

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The true face of war is not that dead soldier or rebel on the battlefield. It is a mother fleeing home with a cartload of offspring, amid sounds of gunfire.

I was part of January 25 Mamasapano operation to capture the terrorist Marwan.

For security reasons I have to withhold my identity.

I am a Special Action Force (SAF) officer. I lost 44 of my comrades and was wounded in battle. I will carry physical and emotional scars for life.

Even so, I grieve to hear demands for “all-out war.” For I, too, am a child of Mindanao. In childhood, I watched the flight of thousands of people from nearby towns. Entire families desperately seeking safe haven, war having obliterated their communities.

You don’t have to retrace decades of conflict. A year after the Zamboanga City siege, thousands of war refugees continue to huddle on the grandstand. Food, water and other basic needs remain scarce. Many of their kin are dead, from the fighting or the diseases that have swept through evacuation centers.

To those who scream for war: What do you know of the lives lost?

We, the people of Mindanao, are not pawns to be pushed here and there. Whether or not government wins battles, the people lose.

I wrote this petition to give voice to the many who share my belief in peace. I write for the countless mothers who have seen offspring sacrificed to war.

No mother wants to see her child with a gun, not even when their husbands are warriors.

Mothers and children suffer the most. No prize, no victory will ease their pain. War does not distinguish among faiths. War snuffs out lives – Filipino lives.

I am SAF. I know war. I fear the day when my family comes face to face with it.

We may not exercise power. But together, we can convince national leaders to push for peace.

Even as we seek justice for my fallen comrades, let us repeat again and again: War is not the solution.

I hope you sign my petition. Together, let us send this message: Peace is the answer.

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