Petition for the PH Government to seek medical assistance from Cuba in addressing COVID-19

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Despite the imposed lockdown and the special powers granted to the president, the crisis brought by CoViD-19 continues to worsen.

Health workers have been running out of protective equipment. Health personnel are dwindling due to exposure to the virus. Hospitals have started to declare overcapacity forcing them to turn away patients. As of March 26, there has been a total of 707 confirmed cases, with 45 deaths all over the country and the numbers continue to rise. There is a need to act fast to curb the spread of the virus.

We call on President Duterte to provide mass testing for PUIs, PUMs, and frontline health workers, immediate provision of protective equipment and support to frontliners and vulnerable sectors.

We call on Pres. Duterte to seek medical assistance from Cuba to aid in the fight against CoViD-19.

Cuba, with its advanced and responsive health care, has responded well to contain the virus, even extending assistance to badly-hit countries like Italy. Cuba has also developed Interferon Alpha 2B medication to counter the virus. Medical assistance and solidarity from Cuba would greatly benefit the Filipino people.