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Petitioning Office of the President PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT

PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT: 1)Scrap Pork 2)Account for All Spent Pork 3)Probe/punish Abusers of Pork #1MillionMarch

ALL Filipinos are taxpayers. Rich or poor, we all pay taxes in one form or another. Thus, we assert our collective right to demand the following:

SCRAP PORK: Successive governments, including the incumbent, have failed to safeguard our interests by allowing and SUPPORTING all kinds of corruption in the pork barrel system. We, the taxpayers, are always told to be patient because the government lacks funds. Now we know why -- our money, billions of pesos worth, have been siphoned off by the corrupt.

ACCOUNT FOR ALL SPENT PORK: If we truly want to rid the nation of corruption, we cannot focus only on one sector or one administration. There is no such thing as “unaccountable” power to spend OUR money.

INVESTIGATE AND PUNISH THOSE GUILTY OF ABUSING PORK. Scandal after scandal shows corruption involves private as well as public institutions and sprawls across all branches of the government. Enough. Everyone must be held accountable.

We acknowledge President Benigno Simeon Aquino III’s response to the people’s mounting anger. This is a positive sign. But “Pork” is not just PDAF. Pork means all modes of public spending that has little or no accountability. This includes the billions and billions of discretionary funds in all branches of government.

Thus, we the people, stand firm on the #1MillionMarch to launch a sustained campaign to fight pork until it is banished from Philippine politics.

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