Give justice to poor dog run over by a Pinoy driver with plate no NCP 7431

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We all know dogs sometimes like to take naps in the street, right? So if you’re a kind and responsible driver, you would take precautions while driving and as much as possible, try not to hurt stray dogs and cats crossing the street. A responsible driver would slow down and wait for the animal to move before he continues to drive. 

But that’s not the case for this brutal and cruel driver in the Philippines, driving a gray Toyota car, with plate number NCP 7431. The driver did not think twice about running the dog over. He/she did not bother to slow down, even with the presence of people who would certainly see him killing the dog with his car. That’s such a cruel act that you would think, does that driver even have a heart? Does he/she have a sense of compassion. 

You would see how the car came running fast and that shows what kind of person that driver is. He/she could easily do that to a person, too! He/she should be ripped of his license, sent to jail and do looooong hours of community service! That driver does not deserve to drive a car, if his/her empathy and compassion towards animals are not in the picture! Have him/her pay the dog’s owners for damages done!