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Philippine Airlines: Stop Cruel Primate Shipments


Philippine Airlines continues to ship monkeys to laboratories for use in experimentation, even though almost every other major airline has already stopped this cruel practice. Monkeys on Philippine Airlines flights are stuffed into wooden crates and transported on long journeys in the dark, terrifying cargo holds of airplanes to laboratories, where they are locked inside barren cages, poisoned, cut open, and killed in barbaric experiments. Many of the monkeys who meet this horrible fate are torn away from their families in the wild.

According to documents obtained by PETA U.S., in two shipments in July and August of 2012, Philippine Airlines flew 190 pig-tailed macaque monkeys crammed into tiny crates from Indonesia to the Los Angeles International Airport. Once there, the monkeys were transported nearly 1,500 miles in loud, dark, and terrifying cargo trucks to a Texas quarantine facility run by the notorious Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories before being trucked another 2,700 miles to the University of Washington-affiliated Washington National Primate Research Center in Seattle. 

Fortunately, air passengers concerned about the treatment of animals have other options. Almost all major passenger and cargo airlines in the world—including Air China, Thai Airways, China Southern Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and Cathay Pacific—now refuse to ship primates to laboratories.

Please take a minute of your time to urge Philippine Airlines to join these other airlines by adopting a formal policy prohibiting the transport of primates destined for experiments.


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I was dismayed to learn that Philippine Airlines continues to ship monkeys to laboratories, despite the fact that nearly every other major airline in the world has stopped this cruel practice.

After enduring long and grueling transport in the terrifying cargo holds of Philippine Airlines' planes and in the backs of trucks, these primates arrive at laboratories, where they are mutilated, poisoned, deprived of food and water, forcibly immobilized in restraint devices, infected with painful and deadly diseases and psychologically tormented. Virtually every other major airline--including Air China, Thai Airways, China Southern Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and Cathay Pacific--refuses to participate in this cruelty and prohibits the transport of primates destined for use in experiments.

I won't be flying Philippine Airlines until you decide to join leading airline companies by adopting and adhering to a formal policy prohibiting the transport of primates destined for laboratories. I will also be encouraging my friends and family members to do the same. Please ensure that your company plays no role in the suffering of these highly intelligent and sensitive animals!

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