Make Raymond Samuels a Senator for Ontario - First Nations / Human Rights / Environment

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Raymond Samuels seeks to become a Senator for Ontario because he seeks to defend the rights of First Nations and other Canadians who continue to be subjected to worsening marginalization. 

In particular, Raymond Samuels believes that our collective support in defending the rights of First Nations communities, and indigenous communities globally, is vital to our collective human desire to reverse the path of our planet Earth away from environmental destruction and social injustice for the many.

The healing of Canada's First Nations and indigenous communities globally would manifest a corresponding path toward the healing our planet Earth and our fulfillment of our destiny as Canadians and humans everywhere to be the custodians of our planet Earth intended by the Creator, rather than its exploiters and destroyers.

First Nations posses vital knowledge of a path in which we would truly prosper while living in harmony with each other and rejects a prism of greed, perpetuated exploitation and war with each other; and that spirit in Ontario was embraced through the constitution of the Iroquois Confederacy.  That original constitution of Canada has been referred to as the 'Great Law of Peace'.

Current Senators and Members of Parliament have presided over the failure to substantively advance continued human rights and social injustices that First Nations face alongside conditions of growing economic disparity and environmental degradation across Ontario which manifests through toxic pollution, deforestation, destruction of farmlands and threats to animal habitats. 

We, the undersigned, nominate and support Raymond Samuels to become a Senator for Ontario in his efforts to speak in defence of the rights of all people in Ontario inspired by the 'Great Law of Peace' and to defend the rights of First Nations as part of a vital focus on human rights toward saving our province, country and planet from a path of environment destruction and social malaise. 

We furthermore support Raymond Samuels' desire for human rights and social justice for everyone as including the need for policies directed at the eradication of poverty; a robust system of public healthcare; and a justice system freed of control by greed-centred lawyers working for elites.  Such a milieu oppresses the rights of the great majority of Ontario residents who cannot afford these lawyers when Ontarians seeks to avail themselves of basic constitutionally guaranteed rights.


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