Support Philadelphia Collegiate School for Boys

Support Philadelphia Collegiate School for Boys

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IN PHILADELPHIA our children—especially our young men—are being shot and killed at increasingly higher rates than ever before.  WE —as adults—HAVE TO FIGHT FOR OUR CHILDREN.

WE KNOW our children need access to a good education; OPPORTUNITIES IN ORDER TO FULFILL THEIR DREAMS—That’s why the Philadelphia community has come together to open a new school for boys—Philadelphia Collegiate Charter School for Boys, SO OUR CHILDREN CAN REACH FOR THEIR DREAMS.

Led by Jack Johnson Pannell, Jr.—who served with the late Rep. John Lewis—Philadelphia Collegiate will provide a safe harbor to our boys in Northwest Philadelphia—a place to learn, lead, and serve as they prepare for life and success through high school and college.

  • If you support a school designed for black and brown boys, created and operated by black and brown men, STAND WITH US!
  • If you support a school designed to meet the special needs of our young boys, a school specially designed to engage and enlighten our boys so they can thrive academically, STAND WITH US!
  • If you support a school committed to fostering relationships with a student's family and reinvesting in the community to ensure our boys' village will nurture their success, STAND WITH US!



We believe in this work because, we know that Black and Brown boys in particular face barriers that negatively impact academic achievement in K-12 environments.

According to, the data shows;

• 42% of Black boys and 35% of Latino boys are "educated" in underperforming schools, while only 15% of white boys lack access to high-quality educational options
• 20% of Black boys are suspended from school, while 7% of white boys are suspended from school
• Black males are 9% of public school enrollment but represent 27% of expulsions
Black males make up 2% of the teaching force, while 77% of the teachers in this country are white women

Our decision to create a school for boys reflects our understanding of the developmental benefits of single-sex education, our awareness of the educational crisis for boys in urban settings, and our commitment to do whatever it takes to address this crisis.

Boys learn best in high-energy, active classrooms, but they are more likely to disengage from school beginning in fourth grade in a co-ed setting. A boys’ school, especially during middle school years, encourages boys to see themselves as academically capable and supports interests in the arts and athletics.

Research indicates that all-boys schools do the following: (1) promote high-level academic achievement, (2) better recognize and address the specific developmental needs of boys, (3) are more likely to encourage creativity among boys.

Together, we can save our boys!

Please support bringing Philadelphia Collegiate School for Boys to the city of Philadelphia by signing our petition. 

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