Make Joe’s Place a Local Landmark

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Joe’s Place has been a staple in Wayne, PA for decades.  Marty, Dot and the rest of the staff care deeply for their restaurant but even more so care deeply for their customers.  

The allure doesn’t end with the quaint home town diner decor, the fridge full of classic beverages, or the incredible food, but extends far deeper, to the smiling face of a hometown friend you haven’t seen in a while, the regulars Sitting up front chatting at the counter seats, the pictures and collectibles from countless places and years, the Marty parables preached down as he slides the bacon topping on your favorite sandwich, the smile he gives as he says so long when you walk out the door, Dotty telling you to be good as you pay on your way out or rolling her eyes when you laugh at one of Marty’s jokes you have heard a thousand times and the countless memories made in that place, Joe’s Place.

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we hear about the closing of Joes Place but it is in the face of darkness that we can find the brightest of lights. I implore the community and the Joes family to come together and support in this time of need! The establishment has been a landmark of the Wayne community for years and in my petition I ask that we continue and honor that tradition by making Joe’s Place in Wayne a permanent and official landmark in the future.

Joe’s place is not only a corner stone in the community but a piece of the towns history. We owe it to not only Marty and Dot and the Joe’s family but the rest of the town that has grown to become a part of that family over the years. 

Thank you for the support of Joe’s in the past and an even bigger thank you for your continued support of Joe’s in the future.