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Hello my name is Tony Benson, CEO of a nonprofit called “Protecting Our Parks” where we focus on upgrading, revitalizing and making Parks and Playgrounds inclusive for Dogs and individuals with Autism and other disabilities. I am also a proud Dog owner and resident of Holme Circle! I am starting a petition because as some of you may or may not know, there was a ground breaking at Frank McArdle Playground (2801 Welsh Rd phila., pa 19152) where Councilman Bobby Henon unveiled the new design for the playground! Well a lot of residents didn’t know about it and there was obviously a few things missing! One of the main things missing was a DOG PARK! I pulled the councilman to the side and his designer Francesco Cerrai and asked why wasn’t the community aware of the ground breaking and also why did they not include a DOG PARK in the final design? They only responded with “Dogs shouldn’t be in this park” and “the design is already done!” Well as a resident I disagree with both! Dogs are extremely important to all of us and I have lost count of how many times our dogs have become missing or people having to walk their dog on Welsh rd because they have no other alternative and it’s unfair! A DOG PARK would be amazing at Frank McArdle Playground and would give our dogs a safe place to play, meet and a safe area to meet with an owner of a lost dog! I have emailed and called, I’ve popped up at events to get Councilman Bobby Henon to help make this happen and I’ve had no luck! So now I am coming to the community for help! Let’s Come Together and Get A Dog Park in Frank McArdle Playground! If you have questions or suggestions email me at Thank You ��❤️ � (please sign and leave your contact)