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Petitioning Phil Troia, Director Madison PDQ Food Stores

Phil Troia, Director of Madison PDQ Food Stores: Stop distributing tickets to the George Carden Zor Shrine Circus in Madison

PDQ is responsible for distributing tickets on behalf of the Zor Shrine Circus. We are concerned about the risks this type of sponsorship brings to public safety as well as the cruelty inherent in the treatment of elephants used for circus performances.

The Dane County Board of Supervisors has banned the use of elephants at the Alliant Energy Center. Due to contract issues, the ban cannot go into effect until 2020, however the message is clear: Elephants in circuses suffer and Dane County does not support this form of "entertainment."

Elephants in circuses don’t perform because they like doing so, but because they are afraid of what will happen if they don’t perform. They live their lives in fear, loneliness and misery. Circus promoters often depict circuses as a valuable learning experience for children, but watching these animals coerced into performing unnatural tricks teaches children that it is okay to exploit and mistreat animals.

In addition tuberculosis can be communicated from elephants to humans. Proper vaccinations are essential. The George Carden Circus has received numerous citations for not providing proper veterinary care.

Please stop selling Zor Shrine Circus tickets in the Madison area.


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  • Phil Troia, Director Madison PDQ Food Stores

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