Drop Digital Game Prices on the Xbox Store

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In a day and age where people enjoy the freedom of buying there games through a digital online retailer why are we still made to pay through the nose for an Xbox 360/one game?

Why can I pick up a copy of the latest game online for £44  but when I check the xbox store you want £55-£59.99? Surely the games cost more to box, ship and stock than they do to get a digital licence? 

When the Xbox One was originally announced at E3 in 2013 you guys pushed digital but yet you make it more unaffordable than buying a disk online or at a local shop!?

Steam have been doing digital licences for years and they are generally 25-50% cheaper than buying the boxed copy and another 10-25% cheaper than their console conterparts.

I am calling on you today to put forward the idea of changing the system for the better (as I'm sure many other xbox fans are also)! I'm not asking for massive discounts I just want the digital games to be priced in-line with online, disk based retailers.

Something needs to change because lets face it digital is the way forward but not through the extortion of the consumer! 

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