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Governor Phil Murphy & State Legislators: We respectfully urge you to SUPPORT the Liberty State Park PROTECTION ACT to once & for all preserve the priceless public park FOR ALL PEOPLE to enjoy without privatization. The LSP Protection Act & LSP’s Caven Point natural area habitat are threatened by the multi-billionaire owner's Liberty National Golf Course plans to impede the Act from passing with their campaign of misinformation, & to privatize & destroy Caven Point to relocate golf holes for exclusive millionaire members. 

Liberty State Park has endured 43 years of a continuous onslaught of privatization plans. Friends of Liberty State Park, tens of thousands of park supporters, community organizations & coalitions have championed to save LSP as The People's Park, opposing privatization plans. Liberty State Park is a truly one-of-a-kind public green space for your constituents- people of all ethnicities, religions, & cultural backgrounds- to enjoy the peaceful recreation space to play, picnic, BBQ, fly kites, appreciate Mother Nature & a priceless waterfront view, all for free. It is home to hundreds of wildlife species & the backyard to some of the most world-famous landmarks & travel destinations including the Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, & the NYC skyline. 

Your support is critical to ensure this long-overdue Protection Act is passed into law. Assembly A2189 & Senate S1449 will mandate transparency, public input, & a long-term legacy for a Free AND Green Liberty State Park & Caven Point for our diverse urban communities, visitors from around the world, & future generations. The Park is not up for sale. Be on the right side of history. See The Protection Act through to law. 

LSP Supporters: SIGN THIS PETITION, SHARE it throughout your social networks, & call your state legislators! Their contact info is here:

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