New Jersey Transit Workers Should Be Getting Double Pay and More Safety Precautions

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To The Govenor and State Legislature,

We the employees of New Jersey Transit workers respectfully request that the state government and board of NJTRANSIT take the proper precautions to safeguard its workers and provide them an increase in pay while being forced to work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are still forced to be working throughout this pandemic. Many of our New Jersey Transit garages do not have basic safety supplies to safeguard employees from the virus. Garages are out of basic supplies such as masks and hand sanitizers. Bus Drivers and railroad employees are still forced to carry customers to their desired destination, while forcing NJTRANSIT employees to come in contact with numerous individuals who may have the virus. Buses and trains do not have the proper equipment to ensure that NJTRANSIT employees are safe from the virus.

Studies within the last few days have shown that the virus lasts on surfaces for up to three days. This, in turn, means leaving employees, employees' families, drivers, mechanics and other NJTRANSIT workers vulnerable to the virus. New Jersey Transit workers are risking their lives and their family's lives. At the very minimum New Jersey, transit workers that are forced to work should be afforded at minimum and increase in pay during this time and safety supplies. A new report came out today that three NJ transit workers already were infected with the virus. How long until more NJ transit workers and their families become infected?

We are calling on the Governor and the State legislature to help safeguard our NJTransit workers and provide them with an increase in pay and proper supplies while being forced to work during this pandemic. 

We feel that it is imperative  that

• Governor Murphy should provide immediate federal assistance to improve the situation

• Kevin Corbett—head of NJT—should be on the platforms and in the trains, answering questions. He should also immediately implement ways to safeguard his employees.

• State leaders should immediately take aggressive action to provide help to  NJTRANSIT workers

The current situation is not only a serious threat to the economy, but now also a threat to NJTRANSIT employees.