Demand Governor Phil Murphy Grant NJWeedman’s Joint a Recreational Cannabis License!

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Demand Governor Phil Murphy Grant NJWeedman’s Joint a Recreational Cannabis License!

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Deborah Madaio started this petition to Governor Phil Murphy and

On November 3, 2020, the state of New Jersey legalized marijuana. Isn’t it time we make Trenton’s most popular cannabis friendly business legal too? My name is Debi Madaio. I am the co-owner of NJWeedman's Joint, a popular marijuana-themed eatery, located in Trenton, NJ. I am also a registered nurse, medical marijuana patient, activist and a mother to two daughters and a special needs son. I am asking you to join me in requesting that Governor Phil Murphy grant my business a recreational license so that we can have inclusion in New Jersey’s newly legalized marijuana industry.

Marijuana is not new to New Jersey, but the legal market is. It is unfortunate that the market is being set up to exclude most of the individuals and small business who have fought for legalization and propelled the state to this moment. NJWeedman’s joint has garnered international media attention during its five years in business, but it has been an uphill battle to say the least.

Read Extraction Magazine's "NJWEEDMAN’S JOINT: ‘The Happiest Place on Earth'" here

NJWeedman’s Joint has been called ‘the happiest place on earth.’ We offer great food, live entertainment and a safe environment to partake in the intake of cannabis. The restaurant's ambiance mirrors an actual marijuana grow room with curtains, table clothes and chairs designed and fashioned after marijuana leaves. Our live music performances and shows are now also streamed online for a wider viewing audience.

New Jersey finally, after a long and lengthy battle, has conceded and agreed that marijuana should be legal, but over the years, we have been publicly vilified and even raided for offering a compassionate refuge for pot lovers! Governor Phil Murphy has announced appointments to a new Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC), an agency that will help shape the future of legal weed in New Jersey. What we have all seen happen however, is that small businesses and entrepreneurs are getting edged out of this new legal, burgeoning billion dollar industry.

As a mom to a special needs son, I want to be allowed the same opportunities to benefit and thrive that are being offered to the large cannabis corporations. For five years we have provided great service to the city of Trenton and we deserve to be allowed to finally operate and be respected as a legal business!

Governor Phil Murphy is promising inclusion for the underserved. I want to make sure he fulfills his promise.

Won’t you join me in our request to Governor Phil Murphy to grant a recreational license to NJWeedman’s Joint.

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Debi Madaio, RN BSN BSCJA

Co-owner of NJWeedman’s Joint in Trenton NJ

Medical Marijuana Patient, Business Owner, Mom and Activist

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This petition had 1,163 supporters

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