Change law of animals being left outside 24/7

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We need to change how it is legal for people to leave Dogs or any pet outside 24/7.   In extreme heat or bitter cold temperatures, I have witnessed first-hand animals being left outside  24/7, as a watchdog or security guard in people’s yards.  In particular, l drive through Camden to work and see this on a daily basis. I’ve contacted animal control several times now, and they have told me time and time again that a wooden box simply with some straw or hay  is “adequate shelter” according to the law. The box doesn’t even have to be water-proof or have a door; a wide open space is “adequate,” so the dog is still being subjected to cold bitter air, snow, rain, etc.  The same way it is illegal for people to leave their dog in a hot car in the summertime (rightfully so), it should also be illegal for an animal to be left out in the cold all day and night with nothing but a wooden box for shelter. 

Animals, especially dogs are the most loyal to a human and they trust everything we train them to do. The animals don’t know any better that it is wrong to leave them out in the cold and they trust in us to protect them. When careless owners choose to chain their animal outside and not care if they are freezing all night and fight to keep their body temperature up, they still trust us to protect them. They have no voice and we need to speak up for them and protect them the right way. 

Please help change this law of leaving animals outside and sign this petition.