Allow 17 Year Olds to Receive Their Driver's License In New Jersey Without The Road Test

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Dear Governor Murphy, 

I want to start off by saying thank you, for your hard work and dedication during these stressful times. The people across New Jersey and my community especially are very supportive and thankful for your consistency in keeping the state safe. 

Due to the immense outbreak of COVID-19 across New Jersey, thousands of businesses and state-level agencies have been completely shut down. One of these agencies, is the Department of Motor Vehicles. This prevents 17 year old students (like myself) from taking their road test to obtain their probationary license. 

Assuming that the student has already taken the written test, completed their six hour driving with their instructor, and have had experience with an adult on the road, the parents of the student would sign a form ensuring the student has completed these three requirements. Other states across America such as Georgia, Texas, and Wisconsin, have already decided to take action and implement this act.

The state of New Jersey is in a state of emergency, and it is important to maintain social distancing. Standing inside the compact building to take your test, and being in a vehicle with your instructor, can be extremely dangerous. Considering this act would not only prevent the spread of the virus, but eliminate months of delays and backed up drivers tests.

Most importantly, we need to protect those most at risk from the virus, which is the elderly. If we were able to receive our license during quarantine, we would be able to obtain food, drinks, or anything else from stores or supermarkets for our grandparents.

All of our elders should be staying indoors, and putting themselves at the most minimum risk possible. In order to reach this goal, students (like myself) should have the opportunity to help them with anything they may need, especially if these needs are not accessible in their own homes.

I would also like to add that I am nothing but sympathetic towards those and their loved ones who have suffered from this disease. The purpose of this petition is simply to bring ideas to our governor about ways to alleviate the cluster behind the DMV offices, and to figure out a way to give students their licenses without having to slow down any other procedures related to the virus.

Governor Murphy, we are kindly asking you to consider implementing this into New Jersey, to give us students our long-awaited licenses, help stop the spread of this deadly disease, and protect our loved ones.