Address imminent overcrowding crisis at Brent Elementary with funding in the FY19 budget

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In the next school year, Brent will be at 141% of its intended capacity and is facing a crisis.  Brent enrollment has grown by over 7 percent a year recently and it has the largest pre-k waitlist of any neighborhood school in the city.

Next year, in response to the critical overcrowding, the school will receive two temporary trailers. These trailers will take up 50% of the students’ blacktop play space and will only work as a one-year solution.

The City Council is in now the final stages of budget planning and time is of the essence, please take a moment today to sign the petition, send an email and even make a call urging $10 million in funding in the FY19 budget for a modernization and expansion of Brent. 

  • Five years ago Brent had 358 students. By 2023, Brent will have 580 students according to DCPS. The building is only intended to house about 326 students.
  •  All special subject classes now share a classroom.Closets have been repurposed as office space and meeting rooms for student group work. Physical education takes place in the cafeteria, presenting scheduling problems. 
  • According to DCPS, on average, Brent’s existing classrooms are among the smallest in the city. They cannot comfortably house classes larger than 23 students.
  • Eighty-one inbounds students applied for next year’s Pre-K3 class. Only 1/3 were accepted. With 78 in-bounds students starting kindergarten next year, Brent will soon need to offer four classes per grade, but there is no room. 
  • DCPS views the trailers as a one-year solution as additional space will be needed the next year and there is no room on the small playground for additional trailers.  

It is necessary for the city to invest in Brent’s school building this budget season. DCPS has developed a plan for a six-classroom addition to accommodate the school’s growth until a full modernization is completed within three years. Please urge Chairman Phil Mendelson to include funding for Brent’s six-room extension in the FY 2019 budget.

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