Remove the G.E from Old School Runescape

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Please sign this petition to wake up the developers and decision makers at Jagex to REMOVE the GRAND EXCHANGE from “Old School Runescape”!

I thought when Jagex introduced “Old School Runescape” they had the intention to bring Runescape back to how it used to be??!!!… Yes, the graphics, items, skills and quests etc may be the same but two crucial elements have been sadly lost. There is no more sense of adventure and there is no more social interaction between players. At its current format it feels no different to a boring single player game and I put the blame completely to implementation of the Grand Exchange.

For those who don’t feel this pain already, please see below for key arguments and comments I have compiled from other players across the world in which I and many others agree with completely.

“Social Impact: Probably the biggest impact by the G.E. was the social one. The World 2 Fally Market (currently the Varrock Market) was destroyed literally over night. Why is this a big deal? The player trade market was created by the players, not some installed thing by Jagex. It represents a part of the community and is a symbol of why the community is so awesome. Anyone else here remember the "Runescape Gathering" that players would have every year back in the day? Also, why try and seek out a rare hard to find item from another player when you could just insert money into the grand exchange and that would be the end of it? After the G.E. the social aspect of Runescape was dealt a huge blow. Interacting with other players was a corner stone of the game for years, and some would go as far to say that the G.E. almost made Runescape a single player game.”

“Game-play Impact: One of the best parts about 2007 was the challenge. No one can deny that the game got progressively easier over the years following 2007. I fear that 2007scape is on the same path. I'm okay with stat meters or simple things that create a small convenience, but the G.E. is too much of a change and convenience to be had. Quests were ruined, items could be obtained in literally seconds with little-to-no effort, and, in my opinion, the game lost a huge sense of adventure.”

“Runescape was best between 2004 and 2007”

“I was so sad when Old School added GE”

“The GE Ruined Runescape”

“i miss those days... i bought full rune set for 160k piece by piece on one side of bank then went to other side of bank and sold for 200k for full set ”

“I like having contacts with people that either always buy or sell items to/from me. Some of my best friends in game I met through trading with them. We talk about all sorts of things from the market, personal goals, to real life situations.

Without the ge, I've made some amazing relationships. If the ge was in game when I started, I honestly would have been alone. Most likely wouldn't have enjoyed playing with no one to talk to, and quit.

Merch bots are the worst excuse for a grand exchange. There is so much strength added to the community built from friendships. Trading is such a major part of it.

You could argue that there is no social aspect to skilling too because of bots. If you want to throw away player interaction over bots you might as well get off and play a single payer game. “


I truly hope the management and developers at Jagex can get off their high horses and soy based diets to stand up and take accountability for the stupid decision they made and bring Runescape back to how it really once was.

I believe if this doesn't happen in the near future the player base will continue to disintegrate until it is too late to make the change. 

Thank you for your time.